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-I visited London four years ago.-I stayed There for one week i really enjoyed it.-Everything Was perfect in the city, people are very clean-They take Care about their streets.-I haven't Been on holidays this summer, that'sbecause I have had a lot of work.-I'm Thinking the possibility to enjoy for it in July, but I'm not sure at all, it Will depend on my boyfriend because he has a lot of work to.-I'm going To go to Spain next holidays.-I believe that we're Going to have a lovely time.-Next Summer I want to travel with my family to Rome. I wanted to do this travel many years ago, but it was not possible.-Nowadays only a few people can study abroad Because it’s very expensive and in addition, the government Isn’t helping  young people to obtain a grant.-However,the people who can study abroad find A lot of advantages. For example,in My view, one of the most important advantageand In the future, it could be very useful.-Ontheother hand, studyingabroad hasdisadvantages too.

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