Who did George try to find out what wanted

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she/stop A) she stopped ()

I / go A) I had gone ()
We __________ (give) away the flowers that we ________ (pick). A) gave - had picked ()

you / feel A) you felt ()
5.She ________ (want) to wear the jumper that her mum ________ (wash). A) wanted - had wshed ()
she / stop A) she had stopped ()
he/drive A) he drove ()
The gardener _________ (water) the trees that he __________ (plant). A) watered - had planted ()
he / drive A) he had driven ()
I/go A) I went ()
Yesterday a boy __________ (destroy) the snowman that we __________ (build) . A) Yesterday a boy destroyed the snowman that we had built. ()
They / put A) they had put ()
I _________ (get) into the taxi that my friend __________ (calle) for me. A) got - had called ()
they/put A) they put ()
Jimmy __________ (tell) us about the film that he __________ (see) . A) Jimmy told us about the film that he had seen. ()
Wendy __________ (send) the letter that she _________ (write). A) sent - had written ()
You / feel A) you had felt ()
We _________ (find) the mobile phone that Marwin ________ (lose) . A) We found the mobile phone that Marwin had lost. ()
Cathrine ________ (open) the window that I ________ (close). A) Cathrine opened the window that I had closed. ()
He _________ (sing) a song that I __________ (hear / never) before. A) He sang a song that I had never heard before. ()

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