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-Why didn’t Paloma Want to move to England? R/Because she did not want to leave her friend Eva and Daniel (a guy that she liked)

-what do we Learn about Marta and the relationship between her and Paloma?

R/In Madrid they didn't have very good relationship betweenthem but Marta made pigeon to give account of the realsituation of their parents and improved their relationship

Describe Paloma Relationship with Daniel

R/  It was not a simple relationship of friendship but that was arelationship where both wanted each other and Daniel wantedthe best for her

Why does Marta think That it would be good for Paloma to leave Eva?

R/ Because it considered that it was not a good friend to her sister

How did paloma try to Stop the move and how did her family react to her behaviour?

 did everything possible to not leave Madrid, she was cryingbut did not serve much since his family did not give him asmuch importance due to the problem that they had 

What do we learn about Eva from her phone call with Laia? How does the call affect Paloma?

 was a liar maybe and but so was an exploited simplywanted to talk to Laia to get some tickets , The call affected Paloma because Eva told bad things about Laia 

What made Paloma Understand that Daniel like her? Because Daniel was a cute boy and intelligent, and like manygirls 

What did Eva give Paloma On the last day of school, and what Paloma think of it?

R/Eva tells him it is selfishness by their parents, Paloma thenthinks that Eva has reason

How did Paloma’s dad React when David chased Rex round the boxes and why Paloma find this Surprising?

R/ He laughs, she is surprised because it doesn't see him laugh

What facts did Marta Tell Paloma about their parents?

R/ He moved to not divorce 

How did the Conversation with Marta affect Paloma’s plans?

R/BecausePaloma feelsbadknowingthesituation

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