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accentuate (v)to emphasize

anticlimax (n)a disappointing end to an Exciting or impressive series of events

apathetic (adj)marked by a lack of Interest

assertion (n)A confident and forceful statement Of fact or belief.

complacent (n)self-satisfied; smug

conspire (v)to plan together secretly

contiguous (adj)side by side, touching; Near; adjacent in time

cordial (adj)warm and friendly

corpulent (adj)large or bulky of body; Portly; stout; fat

deftly (adv)quickly and skillfully

denizen (n)a person who regularly Frequents a place

desolate (adj)Deserted and lonely

dilatory (adj)intending to cause delay; Procrastinating

discreetly (adv)unobtrusively; with Restraint; not calling for attention.

effeminate (adj) having womanly traits

erroneous (adj) incorrect, containing Mistakes

euphemism (n) the substitution of a mild, Indirect or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt

fortuitously (adv)happening or produced By chance; accidentally

fractious (adj)unruly, quarrelsome, Irritable

garrulous (adj)pointlessly or annoyingly Talkative

grail (n)a thing that is being earnestly Pursued or sought after

haughty (adj)to describe obnoxious Display of overbearing pride and superiority over others

immoderate (adj)beyond reasonable Limits; overboard; excessive

impassioned (adj)filled with or showing Great emotion

incredulous (adj)disbelieving, skeptical

ineffable (adj)Unutterable, Indescribable

innuendo (n)a hint, indirect suggestion, Or reference

irreverent (adj)disrespectful

languid (adj)lacking liveliness or Energy; weak or faint

levity (n) lack of seriousness

magnanimous (adj)generous in forgiving, Above small meanness

malevolence (n)ill will; malice; hatred

mar (v) to spoil, damage, injure

meretricious (adj) tawdrily and falsely Attractive, pretentious, gaudy

monopolize (v) to use or take so as to Prevent others from using or taking

parcel (v)To divide into parts and Distribute

peremptory (adj)admitting of no Contradiction, often characterized by arrogant self-assurance

permeate (v) to spread through, Penetrate, soak through

privy (to) adj sharing in the knowledge Of (something secret or private).

provincial (adj)limited in outlook, Narrow; unsophisticated

punctilious (adj)strict or exact in the Observance of the formalities or amenities of conduct or actions

rancor (n)a feeling of deep and bitter Anger and ill-will

reproach (v) to find fault with, blame

saunter (v) to stroll; walk in an easy, Leisurely way; (n.) a stroll

somnambulate (v) to sleepwalk

sporadic (adj) occurring irregularly

strident (adj) unpleasantly loud and Harsh; grating

supercilious (adj) arrogant, Contemptuous

superfluous (adj) exceeding what is Sufficient or required, excess

truculent (adj) cruel, savage, deadly, Destructive; belligerent

vacuous (adj) marked by a lack of ideas Or intelligence; devoid of serious occupation

vehemently (adv) intensely, forcefully, Powerfully

vicariously (adj) indirectly, as, by, or Through a substitute

vulnerable (adj) open to attack; capable Of being wounded or damaged; unprotected

wistful (adj) vaguely longing, sadly Thoughtful

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