Who did George try to find out

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1. Had to find

2. Would add

3 Was going to be

4. Could take

5. Would be

6. Had to include

7. Noticed




1. His sister had started a new job with a film company

2. They were working on a new script.

3. That she also liked helping with the storyboards.

4. She could use her creative skills in that role.

5. They had found a fantastic location.

6. They were recording a new soundtrack


1. Ryan has joined the crew six months before.

2. Im going to hire a new make-up artist.

3. Need a break

4. I will revise the script

5. Have finished the sounds effects.


1. Hom many films she had watched.

2. If he  had seen any new films
3. If he was in the next scene.

4. How often he went to the cinema.
5. If he had been to Hollywood

6. When they were filming on location.

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