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Computer programin should be a subjet in schools because in the future the things will be solved with the technology and for that we need to know computers and internet.

Within a few years in schools, computers will be used to teach and study for exams and many exercices will have to be searched on the internet to be able to do them.
In schools there should be computing class because the technology helps us in our lives and things would be easier.
With the mobiles we can find information about jobs, restaurants and for that we musk learn to use them. In my opinion technology is the future
2. I told you what happened to me last weekend when i went to the beach? I think i must be unluckiest persone alive!
Iwas listening music with my mobile phone in the car when suddenly a wheel spiked. We stopped on the road and my father tried to fix it but could not, then he called the police to tell them what we could do with the car and they told us to call a tow breakdow truck to get the car.
When the breakdonw truck took the car my parents, my brother and i took a taxi and arrived at the beach.
That day was unforgettable. I will never forget it.

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