Who did George try to find out

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RELATIVOS: ORACIONES BIEN ECHAS: she hasnt got anything to do. This makes her angry- she hasnt got anything to do. This makes her angry;; pete has become a singer. You met him last year -pete, who you met last year, has become a singer.:: terenci moix didnt like publicity. His novels were best-sellers- terenci moix, whose novels were best-sellers, didnt like publicity.;; the montain is 3000 metres high. They climbed it.- the montain whict they climbed is 3000 metres high.:: I was happy to see my friend. He has been living in london for three years.- I was happy to see my friend, who has been living in london for three years.;; we have visited tarragona. There are many Roman remains there.- we have visited tarragona . Where there are many roman remanins.:: he has lost the ring everyone admired it.- he has last ring which everyone admire.;; she finally passed the driving test. It made her very happy.- she finally passed the driving test, whichmade her very happy.;; do you know the exact date? We are going to meet then.- do you know the exact. Date when we are going to meet them?.;; hes the ma. They were talking about him.- hes the man, who they were tslking about.:: he broke a cup. It was made of bohemian glass.- he broke a cup. Which ( that ) was made of bohemian glass.:: jane has been saked . You met her last sunday.- jane, who you met last sunday, has been saked.-:: michael has been promoted. This made him very happy.- michael has been promoted, which made him very happy.:: the school bell went off unexpectedly. It was reparaid last week.- the school beel , which was reaparaid last week , went off unxpectedly.:: she doesnt know the man. We are talking about him.- she doesnt know the man (who) were are talking about.: we went to restaurant. They serve excellent fish ther.- we wen a restaurant where serve excellent fish.:: mary forgot to post the letters. Shes my secretary.- mary who is my secretary, forgot to post the letters.:: elizabeht George is an excellent write. Her novels are best-sellers.- elizabeht  George , whose novels a re best-sellers, is an excellent write

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