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position in the production

heavy industry,semi-finished products
capital goods industry,equipment for other industry
consumer goods industry,manufacturd products
for directly consumption

weight of raw material
heavy industry,heavy material
semi heavy,smaller scale materials
light industry,lightweight materials

low-tech,textile industry
mature-tech,metalworking car industry
high-tech,computing telecommunications,biotechnology

high-tech,located in developed countries. Mature or
low-tech,emerging and underveloped countries
some of these come from developed countries,relocated
because offshoring

historical industrial regions
the united states
european union

emerging countries
new zeland
they are highly developed because
explotation of abundant natural resources
and globalisation

least industrialised areas
poorest countries in world
sub-saharian africa

cause of limited industrialisation
lack of resources and capital,isolation due poor comunication
limited markets

energy problems
rise in the worlds energy production and consumption
majority of global energy needs cover by non-renewable energy
unequal distribution of energy reources
energy production gives rise to serious enviormental problems

enviormental polices seek to reduce emissions
energy saving polices wants to reduce enrgy consumption by rise the 
awareness of consumers

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