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TheSubway:this is the fastest way to get around the town and move around the villages that are around Massamagrell,since there are many stations.The cheapest way to use the subway is to get a ten-trip bonus.You put money in it and then you recharges when you need it.You can buy the bonometer at any subway station.You can also use a bank card with contact to pay.A few days the subway is free 24 hours a day.Bikes:bycicles are now less popular than ever in villages,since there are electric scooters and people can go throught the town perfectly with them.There are many cycle lanes,but there is no bike rental program.If you want to rent a bike you have to go to Valencia and pay at a docking station with a credit or debit card and it costs 3 euros to access the bicycles during the next 24 hours.

Buses:buses can be faster than the subwat if there is not too much traffic.The easiest way to use them,such as the subway,is with a 10 trip bonometer.Some buses run 24 hours a day,so you can use them late at night.Travelling on the upper deck of a double-decker bus is also very good way to fet to know the towns but the dont't have such buses here.Taxis:taxis in the villages are very unpopular since they use them more in Valencia.Normally,when you are going to get into a taxi,you have to tell the driver where you want to go before arriving,but you can also hire them trought on application.In general,buses are much cheaper than taxis.

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