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Present Simple / I wirte poetry / Poetry is wirtten

Past Simple / I wrote poetry / Poetry was writen
Present Continious / I am writting poetry / Poetry is being writen
Past continious / I was writing poetry /  Poetry was being writen
Present Perfect / I have written poetry / Poetry has been writen
Past perfect / I had written poetry poetry / Poetry had been writen
Future Simple / I will write poetry / Poetry will be writen
Future Continious / I will have written poetry / Poetry will have been writen
Going to / I am going to write poetry / Poetry is going to be writen
Conditional Simple / I would write poetry / Poetry would be writen
Conditional Perfect / I would have written poetry / Poetry would have been writen 

  I had my house painted last year (pinte mi casa el año pasado)
  She is having her hair cut tomorrow (se va a cortar el pelo mañana)

IF + PRESENT SIMPLE  -> FUTURE SIMPLE (will + inf / going yo + inf / can, must, may + inf)

If a person borrows money from the bank, he will have to return it
If  she doesn't call you, you can call her

IF + PAST SIMPLE -> CONDITIONAL SIMPLE (woulf + inf / should, could, migth + inf)

If the clothes shop opened earlier, it would increase its sales
If we reduced the running costs, we migth make this product profitable

IF + PAST PERFECT -> CONDITIONAL PERFECT (would have + inf / should, could, migth + have + participio

If I had won the lotery, I would have traveled araund the world

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