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A thistle funnel and a delivery tube are held IN the TOP of a flask by means of a bung. Manganese oxide powder is in the BOTTOM of the flask. Concentrated hydro is poured THROUGH the thistle funnel until the end of the thistle funnel is just BELOW the surface of the liquit.

The delivery tube passes INTO a trough of brine. A gas-jar full of brine is INVERTED on TOP of a shelf. Immediately ABOVE the end of the delivery tube.

The flask is held OVER a bunsen burner flame and the contents are heated. A reaction fakes place in the flask, and a gas in prouduced. The gas passes ALONG the delivery tube, INTO the jar of brine. Bubbles of gas rise UP TROUGH the brine and the level of brine in the gas-jar goes DOWN. The level of the brine FALLS until the jar is completely full of the gas.

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