Functions that are at least partially overseen by the medulla are

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SPINAL BULB: This makes up the extension of the medulla, it contains grey matter surrounded by white matter.Ascending neural pathway pass through the spiunal bulb.They come from medulla and gives information to the brain, the right side of the brain recives information from the left side of the body , and the right from the left, the movement of the right part of the body is control by the left side of the brain(viceversa), it regulates several body functions such as heartbeat, blood pressure... Breathing..
BRAIN STEM: Located between the spinal bulb and the brain, below the thalamus, and covers several areas of the brain. It regulates sleep, visual and auditory reflexes, blood pressure... A part of the brain stem is the hypothalamus, which is connected to and controls the pituitary gland, this is an endocrine gland that secretes regulatory hormones to the rest of the organs. CEREBELLUM: Located in the back of the brain, it is made up of grey matter on the outside and white matter on the inside, it looks like a tree with branches(the tree of life) The cerebellum is the organ in change of receiving information for balance and information that the inner ear sends, it coordinates motor impulses sent by the brain, fundamental for activities that use several muscles THE CEREBRUM: This is the largest part of the brain, it weighs 1200g is made up of white matter in the inside and grey on the outside that forms cerebral cortex it takes up a much larger area in humans than other living beings it has many ridges there are two types: Intergyrals: numerous and shallow/Fissures: few and deep. One of the fissures divides the the cerebrum into the hemispheres , right and left , there are connected by the corpus callosum, the left hemisphere (logic and analytical thinking) the right(intuition and creativity) the remaining fissures are called lobes, and each one has a different function they are located after the bone in the skull. BRAIN FUNCTIONS: It processes information recived and produces responses and signals for the effector organs/It controls higher nerve functions like memory, reasoning, intelligence, conscience and will./ it coordinates and controls the functions of every part of the nervous system.

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