Formation of hypertonic and hypotonic urine

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Osmosis lab

1.Diffusion- movement of substances from a high to low concentration- any substance
2. Osmosis - diffusion 
-Lab summary- we cut up potatoes and weighed the initial mass of them. We put it in 3 separate cups. One cup with 0 , one with 0.28, and one with 0.6. We let the potatoes sit in the salt concentration over night. 
1. In the 0 concentration or the pure water the weight went up- more water inside the cell, hypotonic
2. In the sample with 0.28 the mass stayed the same, which is isotonic.
3. In the sample with 0.6, the weight of the potato went down which is hypertonic.
4.Tonicity: relative concentration of solutes dissolved in a solution, which determines the movement. 
5. Crenation- cell loses water and shrinks.
6. Hemolysis- cell takes in too much water and explodes.
7. Isotonic- keeps the same weight 
8. Hypotonic- gains weight through water outside outside and in - explodes.
9. Hypertonic- loses weight, more water in- shrinks.

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