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The sentence meaning is determining by the words that compound the Sentence. We have differentness components that are include on the sentence Like the event, participants, setting and the ground.

Metaphor vs Metonymy

Metaphor And Metonymy are two commonly used literary devices in literature. Metaphor is A figure of speech that compares two unrelated subjects without the use of Connecting words like “like” or “as.” Metonymy is a figure of speech in which The name of an idea or object is substituted for another name that the Original name is closely associated with. Themain differencebetween metaphor and metonymy is thatmetaphor compares two things whereas metonymy replaces one thing For another.


Metaphor compares Two unrelated concepts.

Metonymy substitutes the thing named for the Thing meant.

What is a Metaphor?

A metaphor is a Literary device that makes a comparison between two unrelated things. it does not use connecting works such as like, or as. The following Examples will help you to comprehend the function and the nature of metaphors:

She is the true angel In my life.

My teacher is a dragon


This figure of Speech also has a similar function; it substitutes the name of an idea with Another name that the original name is closely associated with. For example, Grey hair can be used to mean old age, and throne can be used to mean monarchy. Metonymy is used in literature as well as in everyday life.

Let me give you a hand. (Hand means help.)

Keep your eye on the Ball (eye = attention)


The origin of a word and The historical development of its meaning:

‘the etymology of the word ‘devil’’


Coinage is theword formationprocess in which a new Word is created either deliberately or accidentally 

Kleenex, Aspirin, Xerox


process By which a word from onelanguage is adapted for use in another

croissant, (French) yogurt(Turkish) piano(Italian)


Join Two words together by taking parts of both words and combining the part into a New whole

Breakfast-lunch= Brunch, Smoke- fog= smog, Motor- hotel = motel


Is The process of the cutting of the beginning or the end of a word, or both, Leaving a apart to stand for the whole

Prof: Professor, Photo: photograph, Math: mathematics, Lab: laboratory


Can Be also defined as the process of creating new forms by removing affixes from The existing words

Edit= Editor, Act= action, Sing= singer, Typewrite= typewriter 


The Most productive conversion in English is Noun to verb conversion

Access = to access, Closet= to closet, Eye = to eye


A Word formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the Successive parts or major parts of a compound term FBI, CIA, PNC


The most common word formation process

Happy= unhappy, drink= drinkable, Flex= flexible


Aprefixis a group of letters Placed before the root of a word

Appear= Disappear, Happy= unhappy, Legal = illegal, Visible= invisible

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