Flight Planning

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<<Russian most sensa..>> ■A■ False/False/True <<<BOCAVULARY>>> ■2■ book/jourey/travelogue/

extraterritorial/set off/travelagent

■3■ travel/exchange/sleeping/sun/

wolking/travel/exchange/package ■4■ extra/multi/extra/re/under/inter/

over/multi/over/re/under/multi ■5■ pay for/ choosing between/complained about/ queue for/worribg about <<<GRAMAR>>> ■6■ ●1● Adela asked if i was going to visit my sister that summer. ●2● Ronald asked me what time had been when i finally haf come the precious night ●3●Greg told me that he wouldn't go to my party ●4●Henry said he was going to work harded the following month ●5●Felicity said the she can't swin very well ●6● My parents told me not to swin in the sea at night ●7●Amy advised me to buy on electric car ●8● Anna suggested using their wonderful gym ●9●He suggested meeting that night ay 9 o'clock ●10●She asked me if i could open the door ●11● she asked me where i had met my girlfriend ●12● she told me to come back the next day because that day was too late ●13● Simon admited that he never helped with the homework ●14● Ben apologized for not buying me some flawers the previous sunday ●15● Jerry advised me to join a gym ■7■ ●1● we saw the boy whose father was a writer (D) ●2● I talked to a men whose wife had died the year before (D) ●3● The body that was found yesterday belonged to an old man (D) ●4●the flight when i wanted to travel was delayed ●5● I wanted the painting that you bought (D) ●6● this is the chair that my parents gave to me (D) ●7●he is the person whose can was stolen (D) ●8● I lost the money that Mary borrowed me (D) ●9● This is the story of man whose wife suddenly loses her memory ●10● the form that you must fill is can the shelf(D) ●11●The gambler who is losing one hundred poundsis Arab (D) ●12● the car of og Susan was stolen yesterday which was annoying for her (C) ●13● The doctor who i went to see told me to rest for a few days (D) ●14●the tycoon who is the owner of an oil company is married to Susan Wright (D) ●15● The men who has been acused of murderer has arrested by the police.

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