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*The printer's resolution directly affects the size and quality of images you can print
*Disable links to that document
*PNG file type
*Public domain
*He found the images online, but they were in the public domain -The team member created the images himself
*What new information the new website will need that the old website didn't have-A demographic report on the customers who purchase online orders
*Project scope
*The spacing between specific pairs of characters
*The whole is greater than the sum of the parts
*Make sure the assets are appropriate for the intended age of the children-Make sure the assets are appropriate for the intended age of the children
*Image Trace panel
*clipping mask
*group selection mode
*to ensure that your atwork is still printed to the edge of the page after the page is trimmed
*ocurve that can be scaled and manipulated easily
*ocurve that is created using mathematical formulas
*layer-template layer-target icon-select object-sublayer
**Even though it's not visible, the excess text is still in the bounding Area and a small plus (+) symbol is displayed at the bottom of the box
*Anchor points can be converted between smooth points and corner points-Curved and straight path segments can be connected by an anchor point
*The distance between each line of text
*Approve any changes with the client -Give the client regular updates about the progress of the project -Give the client a mock up of the project so they can better understand the process
*Rotate -Shear
*anchor point:mark at the beginning
corner point:a path that
direction handles:consist
smoot point: path
*A clipping mask completely hides artwork outside of the mask, while an opacity mask changes the transparency
*Gaussian Blur
script-decoative-serif-sans serif
*Vector allows for resizing without loss in quality-Vector graphics are smaller in file size

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