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Accessibility indicators should be used to measure the Contribution of transportation to sustainable land use

Baltimore’s transportation indicators are an example of a Balance between accessibility and mobility indicators 
Integrated land use-transportation planning  Four-step travel forecasting process  Representation of current and future spatial patterns  Land use planners will be consumers of the information resulting from transportation planning models 
 Component ◦ Land use plan ◦ Transportation plan ◦ The testing of impacts resulting from the adoption of both 
 mixing land uses:  distance drop dramatically, and  the non-motorized modes increases  Transportation solutions can be used to support future land uses  Models allocate land systematically by using: ◦ Past trends ◦ Information on available land ◦ Local plans ◦ Zoning ordinance ◦ The current distribution of economic activity  Recent models (UrbanSim, TRANUS, CATLAS,…) have added Information on the real estate market and information on Demand and supply of transportation capacity
Typical models in use at MPOs work at aggregate level Like TAZs, which can be characterized by their Population, employment,…  This simplification has drawbacks such as neglecting Trips within each zone  External zones: ◦ Capture all trips originating outside the area of study ◦ Are used to ensure that all numbers add up correctly 

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