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Unidad 7

 Dates/fechas-A numbered day in a month.*What's the date today?

Schedule/agenda.- To plan your tasks.*We have to schedule the flight.

Paper Diary/Agenda de papel-A traditional notebook where you write down Your tasks,important dates.*I use more the diary than the electronic planner.

Electronic planner/agenda electronica.- An electronic device in which information is stored.

Wall calendar /calendario de papel- It is a piece of paper Which contains 12 months divides in weeks and days.*I have to erase an appoiment in the wall calendar.

Up to date/actualizada.- Recent, It means something which contains the latest information.*I bought a diary to be up to date.

Appointment/cita de trabajo o medica.- A formal arrangement to Meet or visit.

Erase/borrar.- To Remove something.*I have to erase an appoiment in the wall calendar.

Deadlines/Fecha límite.- A limited set time or day by which something must Be done.*In the electronic planner i have the deadlines to deliver the works.

Priority/Prioridad. -It is something that is very important.*I just use the electronic planner for priority things.

Tema 8

Plan/ plan- A set Of decisions about how to do something in the future. *My plan For tomorrow is to get up early and study.

Early/ temprano-Before the usual,expected, or planned time.*My plan for tomorrow is to get up early and study.

Waste time/malgastar, perder tiempo.-To lose your time.*I can´t Waste my time today because I am very busy.

Quarter to/ menos cuarto.- It is a way of expressing a Specific time.*I have a Break at a quarter to eleven.

Spend time/Tiempo para pasar.-Time deroted to some activity. *Today I Have time to spend with my friends.

Break/descanso.- It is a time of relax frest.*I have a break at a quarter to eleven.

Quarter past/ y cuarto.- It is a way of expressing a specific time, when fifteen minutes of an hour pass.* I usually have dinner at a quarter past nine.

Sharp/ en punto.- It is the exact time the clock indicates. *Book a table to eat at 2 sharp.

Book a table/ Reservar una mesa.- It is to reserve a place to Eat.*(arriba)

Half past/y media.- When thirty minutes past the hour.*I usually have dinner at half past Nine

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