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force a push or pull that changes an object in some way such as its motion the direcction of this motion or this shape

friction the forces that makes it hard for one surfaces to move over and another
inertia the resistence of a object to a change in a motion
motion action of move
speend how fast somothing moves 
action-a-distance force a force that acts on an object without beihg in contact with it 
contact force a orce that exist betwen 2 objects that are in contact whith each other
mass the amount of matter that something contains 
normal forces the forces that the ground pushes back up with
tencion the state created in a rope cable chain or similar object when it is pulled tight
balanced forcea net result force that does not cause a change in motion
force diagrama diagram showing the forces acting on an object
net result force the combinet affect of all the forces acing on an object
unbalanced forcea net result force that causes a change in motion

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