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1) Atomic #, protons, and electron are the same; Mass # P+N
3)Balancing Equations: ate -> ic, ite -> ous, add H for acids, ide - just the element, any new set swap the subscripts (charges), don't swap when same charge, balance both sides, don't change or add & multiply subscripts for molar mass, not numbers in front.
Stoichiometry: Known/molar mass (g/mol) * u/k (coefficients) * unknown molar mass/1 mol.
4) Grams to moles conversions: grams given/1 * 1 mol/molar mass
Gas laws: n = moles converted, K = C + 273, multiply and isolate x.
5) Molarity/Stoichiometry: 
- Find known moles [mol = (M)(L)] convert to mL
- Find unknown moles [u/k coefficients) = unknown (x)/known mol (cross multiply)] 
- Find unknown liters [unknown mol/unknown molarity]
9) H = 1 bond, Cl = 4 bonds, O = 4 bonds, double bond first two carbon, shared = total of all bonds

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