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Why Socrates taught for free?

Because Socrates didn’t considered himself, wise his friend Queraphon asked the Oracle who was the most wiser man of Athens and the answer of “Socrates”. 

Socrates did not believed it and he began to thought for free to test if the Oracle was right.

Why Socrates didn’t write any books?

Because he prefer to express his knowledge in dialogue. He thought that it was imposible to debate with something that is written.

How was Socrates position on truth different from that of the sophist?

For the sophist: There areas many truths as qualities in the world, truth is direct related and comes from language.

For Socrates: Truth is a category prior to language and thought, our actions are directed to good thanks to the truth.

What is “maieutica”?

The technique he promoted to discover it is dialogue. Socrates assimilated his work to the one performed by his mother, with the difference that, while she sought the begetting of the body, he pursued that of the soul. He called his discursive technique maieutics.

How Socrates position on human good is different from that of the sophist?

First because good for Socrates is not an individual category, but a collective one. Sophist in short are thinkers who where characterised by luring the truth at our voluntarism hint on individual position. 

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