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Halo: Angelic aura

Martyrdom: Sacrifice for faith

Benedight: Blessed

Ravine: a small narrow steep-sided valley 

Scene: Motion picture, division of an act

Moulder: slowly decay or disintegrate

Entwine: o become twisted

Turret:  little tower of a castle

Chamber: Room

Twilight: Light between night and sunrise

Hastens: Act quickly

Damp: Mist

Curlew: Large bird

Hostler: One who cares for the horses

Steed: Horses

Slumber: Sleep

Fleeting: Moving fast

Muffled: Not loud, low sound

Sublime: Celestial

Forlorn: Sad, isolated

Bivouac: temporary encampment of troops

Solemn: Sacred

Mason: Works repairing walls

Blithe: Carefree, not worried

Plough: Machine for removing dirt

Spear: Picket

Hazard: Danger

Bugles: Small trumpet

Bargainers: Sale, offers

Parley: Discuss

Beseeching: Pleading

Entreaties: Begging

Hearses: Framework over a coffin

Nature/ Walden

Soever: Whatever

Perennial: Keep coming, persisting

Blithe: Flowing, lighthearted

Cordial: Happy 

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