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Last night I had a strange and a little disturbing dream. At First I thought that everything was real, but then I realized that it was a Dream, or rather, a nightmare.

At the beginning , I was traveling with my family on a plane To La Gomera, it all seemed very fun and just when the plane was going to take Off something happened and a huge ocean appears in front and the plane begins To submerge in the water. I had panic, and a lot of fear. However, the funniest thing is that the first thing  that I Thought was: "The plane is sinking and the stewardess couldn’t explain how To put on the life vests". After that, I remember that I trying to stay Afloat. Also, I remember that my father started saying "Help, help!" An octopus is attacking me. To tell the truth, I believe that I dreamed about That because a week before I had seen a movie about killer octopuses.

Unfortunately, everything seemed very real and I felt very Distressed. When I got up, the first thing I did was look for the meaning of The dream that I had had, it was just out of curiosity. Finally, after a long Search, I read that dreaming that you are drowning in the sea means that you Have many serious problems in which you feel overwhelmed and anguished. In fact, That's not my case, and I hope it's not like that! 

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