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Aistralian1a(F-Jason-decade)1b(F-The family-them)1c(T-After-street)1d(F-His family-Australia)3a(variuous)3b(eventually)3c(such as)3d(refuge)3e(Accommodation)4a(are examined at..)4b(to walk straight home and not to speak to strong)4c(you buy a map, you will get lost on h../In my opinion, If i could visit any country in the world, i would visit the usa because it is very expensive and it has everything that i like.One reason is that the usa have beautiful beaches where we could disconnect,swim,surf,sail on a botat..Moreover, the usa have many magic places for example ''the colorado canyon'' california and ''the state of liberty''in ny.On the other reason is tis shops, some people think it is not important but for me walking in the streets of cities as LA is amazing.All in all, a visit to the usa has its advantages and disadvantages for exaample it is a long journey but in my opinion we can take better things than bad,//How to1a(T-It was-time)1b(F-I train-conditions)1c(Strangely-faded)1d(I once-motoreay)3a(before)3b(miserable)3c(risk)3d(faded
)3e(Stay)4a(she thought he would make a brilliant doctor)4b(If he made an effort to study, he wouldnt be a terrible student)4c(should be considered more carefully befpre we decide.

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