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THE TRANSFORMATIONS OF THE 17th CENTURY. Political transformations:Serious international confrontations arose which led to the decline in Spain´s hegemony in Europe, authoritarian monarchy was substituted by absolute. Economic transformations: The rise of commerce encouraged financial capitalism and the majority of states imposed mercantilism. Social transformations:The society of the 3 estates began to rupture due to the rise of the bourgeoisie. Cultural and artistic transformations: The 17th century witnessed the birth of modern science, and the application of experimental methds gave rise to a scientific revolution.  THE AUTHORITARIAN MONARCHIES. The powers of state goverment were controlled by the monarch alone, who ruled without having to consult traditional institutions, such as the Cortes. The 2 foundations to monarchs absolute power: 1.The theory of the divine origin of their power: was bestowed on them directly by God. 2.Centralised administration: It was managed from the court by civil servants.   The best example of absolute monarch was Louis XIV of France.   

THE PARLAMENTARY SYSTEMS : The power of the monarch was limited.
England was the best example of a parliamentary monarchy. The 1640 revolution ended with the execution of the king Charles I(1649), while the 1688 revolution ended with the abdication of James II, in 1689 William III signed the Bill of Rights. Having gained their independence from Spain, the United Provinces established a republic made up of 7 provinces.
CRISIS IN THE AGRARIAN AND MANUFACTURING SECTORS: 1.Agrarian production fell in the 17 century due to climatic anomalities, wars and poor framing techniques.  2.Urban manufacturing also suffered a crisis, as the gulids impeded its development.  MERCHANTILISM: 1.State intervention took various forms, the promotion of product sales abroad; the encouragement; the prohibition of exports,etc...  2.The conquest of new markets was undertaken by annexing new territoies or colonies.   MODELS OF MERCHANTILISM: French mdel, English model and Spanish model.

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