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      With the rapid advance of social media in Recent times, false stereotypes of beauty have become even more important. The Childs are exposed prematurely to receive a lot of information that they are Not prepared to manage. Especially for girls the situation is not encouraging Due to the attempts to constitute a woman at a short age. A lot of beauty pageants Are now being created to promote girls as models, that situation has caused a Big controversy that has opened the debate. Particularly for young girls, Beauty contest are not appropriated to their normal rising and development Because of the damages it generates.

These types of events reduce the role of women in today's society, Returning it to a secondary role and as a market object. Those who are not in Favor of young girls to be a part of beauty pageants maintain that such events Promote child abuse due to the large amount of time that girls must invest to Achieve beauty standards for an event. Sometimes girls are limited from live a Normal life according to their age, in addition to promoting ideals of beauty Permeated largely by racism and in order to satisfy a rampant consumer market.Young girls also have to go through excessive Beauty treatments like tanning, waxing and other cosmetic treatments which may Help to enhance their looks. Those treatments are not sane at a considerable Short age.

The erotization of Women from an early age can cause various problems associated with this fact, From generation of insecurity and low self-esteem in girls, to cases of Pedophilia, in which parents have direct responsibility since they are legally Those who have custody of children. (The Guardian, 2010). Many cases are related To the exhibition of girls as an object of consumption and have been reported In several countries. With the United States being the biggest promoter of These events, turning this type of event into an industry that moves more than 5.2 billion dollars annually. Events that promote on the girls look for ideals Of beauty oriented by standards that do not correspond to their age, making Them behave following patterns clearly corresponding to adults. (El Universal, 2018). In Colombia, the event called "Miss Tanguita" was also held in The town of Barbosa (Santander) in 2015, in which 8-year-old girls posed and Modeled in a swimsuit in front of hundreds of spectators, putting at risk these Minors (BBC, 2015).

This lifestyle, as Some parents call it, can be classified as child abuse, largely because of the Time spent preparing those girls, with the goal of obtaining economic revenues That end up in the pockets of parents. Additionally, the seclusion that girls Can suffer with respect to boys and girls of the same age means that they Cannot lead a normal life. They not follow the parameters established by Experts in psychology and that seek that girls can develop properly. (The Guardian, 2010). Multiple cases related to child abuse have been reported. One Of the most mediatic was that of Eden Wood, who retired at just 6 years old to Write his memories, after winning more than 300 beauty contests, a fairly high Number for a minor 6 years old. Her parents, without the least bit of Embarrassment, say she is ready to become a Hollywood Brand. (El Confidencial, 2011). The UN, through Unicef, has pronounced Itself on the matter, indicating that more than 1.1 million children and Adolescents have been victims of some type of sexual violence in their lives, In many cases product of the attraction for this type of events. (El Universal, 2018)

Some people affirm This type of event stimulates the strengthening of girls' self-esteem and Personality. In addition, they assert that participation in such events is the Sole responsibility of the parents, and not of society or government agencies, which Should be kept out of what parents decide for their children. (El Universal, 2018). Studies with scientific support affirm that this type of stress Negatively affects to children. An ideal of beauty is generated and can cause Low self-esteem when not fulfilling the imposed or presented expectations, and Even generate episodes of depressions on the infants. (The Guardian, 2010). It Is also well known that the rights of minors will always prevail over the Rights of other people, among which are the protection against the sexual Exploitation of minors, as well as protection against other forms of Exploitation. (Unicef, 2018).

Children’s rights Must be protected by all citizens, preventing any form of exploitation, Commodification and erotization of children and adolescents. Our society must Maintain a healthy environment for their development, which allows them to grow Adequately in all its human dimensions. Beauty contests should exclude girls, Since this puts their physical, mental and emotional integrity at risk. In Addition, those types of contests subject them to child exploitation, Generating insecurities that can later affect them in different ways. This Scenario also creates ideals and stereotypes that sometimes they are not Capable to fulfill. The minors are induced to put in the first place the Physical beauty before their intellectual and emotional qualities, undervaluing The role of women in today's society.

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