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Fashion fallacies (88)
1. a) FALSE for airline travel, better choices ...
b) tent-shaped dresses TRUE ..... really slim
3. to-climb-up b) overweight c) clutch d) fashion
4. a) not too soft, would not slide off shoulder vass b) be worn c) wearning d) provided
Dreams (J-90)
1) TRUE friend in a dream to May ..... out to be true.
b) FALSE a middle-aged man ..... glamorous girlfriends.
3 a) twisted b) quarrel c) turn out d) tiny
4a) do / do ib) created / which are c) who / that d) are / does
The blue planet (S-93)
2. a) True. "As long ago ... all lefe is on the oceans"
b) False. "Some of the other planet ... 459F of absolute Zero"
3. a) oasis b) surface c) contrast d) waste
4. a) reveals / Dry b) is / until c) is converted / with d) from / of
A yes of nap (S-95)
2.a) TRUE. "Without clock, natural light ... two hours in the afternoon"
b) False. "Afternoon is usually dreamless sleep, deep and restful"
3. a) corporations b) cues c) Drawback d) reward
a) Did you wake up / wake up b) did not have / Because c) How many time / for d) said / did not work

Incineration (S-96)

2.a) TRUE. "They also EMPHASIZE the high maintenance of facilities ..."
b) False. "Even if recycling rate ... be accommodate in landfills"
3. a) less b) incineration c) stimulus d) accommodated
4. a) who / of them b) often / once c) poisoned / causing d) for / in the
Man bites shark (J-97)
2. a) True. "Contrary to their restaurant each week ..."
b) False. "The portable POD ... unwilling to enter"
3. a) clear b) battled c) to harm d) unwilling
4. a) more / ab) found / was c) en / of / do not enter / bleed
Romeo and Juliet in Turkey, in 1996 (MOD-97)
2.a) TRUE. "Week later, Sarah attended by their parent ..."
b) TRUE. "Turk can not understand ... with their parect agreement"
3. a) pestering b) dowry c) outraged d) Urging
4. a) Musa may be faced with a 5 year sentence for rape b) want that Sarah supported to stay in Turkey c) who / when d) at / Although
European youth Britons see as racist drunks
1 a) False. `` Other Europeans do not ... .. of the British.''
b) False. `` Other Factors Contributing .... Racial intolerance.
3) report ... b) rioting ... c) portrayed ... d) findings.
4 a) drink / up ... b) had not traveled / wouldn 't have learned ... c) sailing / for ... d) must / has left
Alternative to military service in Italy (J97-98)
2 a) True. `` The number of young ....''Recent years
b) False. `` They give you an ... follow it.''
3 a) stating ... b) corps ... c) to gain ... d) to run
4 a) doing / hadn 't seen .. b) moving / better / staying / of ... d) Ezeo dind't know what I could do for those people.
Eating habits of young citizen of Hong Kong (J95-96)
2) False. `` But later fewer than ... weight''
b) True. `` Hong Kong should follow .... Program in school.''
3 a) alarming ... b) stick .. c) bribe ... d) but
4) Unless you eat a child properly, you will not became a healthy adult .... B) Parents want their children to do their homework ... c) at / to..d) watching / in.
1.a FALSE ... Spanish explorer Juan Bermudez left his name and Fled
b. FALSE mr.allen `s aim is to mend its former glory ....
4.far/from-its/since-to visit / inhabitted had-are / is called
1.a FALSE .... The Show The picture with the same eight pictures
b TRUE all three group of men chose her
3.countless/primary/take into account / bequeath
4. about/enough- was done / since-who / has been-helping/biggest
1.a TRUE in poor conuntries the biggest ... course of treatment.
b TRUE developed nations must drastically reduce antibiotic ussage
3. scratch-remain-soared-bequeath
Eleven o'clock 4.some/for/killing-have been easily cured / stronger to-should-have lived / for.
FALSE 1.a she had arranged for her wedding .... in london.
b. Mrs cox TRUE .... husband has cared for her.
3 making off-haul-locked-cared
4.that/was told-will visit / about-if / would-warner / opened
A report published 1.a FALSE ..... index finger.
b. FALSE early symptoms ... by the age of 18 months tehdä
Creases 3-gaze-average ratio
4. is fixed / be governed-although/to-earlier/easier-i could never imagine that my fingers could say so many things
FALSE 1.a they showed the picture .... same eight pictures
b. TRUE all three group of men chose her
3. Countless-Primarily-take into account-bequeath
4. about / enough-was done / since-who / has been-helping/biggest
1. a) FALSE. "It was her 11th ace ... American GI in Germany"
b) False. "Even though they realized ... Elvis Presley to the local society."
2. a) swooned b) important c) staying d) tracking down
4.a) their / was b) was found / was cleaned out c) to / could
DRAGONS (s-03)
1. a) True. "To the Chinese ... which brought good luck"
b) False. "All these dragons do have some things ... and they can often breathe fire."
3.a) wise b) guarding c) resemble d) submerged
4. a) have formed / to know b) was seen / Because c) largesse / bigger d) that dragons had played an important role in his life.
Coetzee wins Nobel Prize (J-04)
1.A) FALSE. "The Nobel has often been misapplied. It evaded Tolstoy Ckekhov, Joyce, Kafka, Nabokov nad"
B) FALSE. "Coetzee was born in Cape Town in 1940 ... in a superb autobiographical novel."
3.a) unquestionably b) wholly c) assumptions d) swiftly
4. a) who / last b) winning / received c) whose / was not chosen d) about / his
What 's like to be a dog? (S-04)
1.a) FALSE. "Common sense is sometimes difficult to reconcile with science sense."
b) TRUE .. "Today many scientists are accepting ... some kind of emotional activity as well."
3. a) indeed b) in addition c) increasing d) as well
4. a) study / Will Understand b) that show / have been explored c) Worthing / the most intelligent d) that his experiments would prove the existence of the emotional lives of animals
Too much televisió n (J-05)
1.a) FALSE. "Experts say that ADD Involves an over-stimulation of young developing brains"
b) False. "This new study tested ... to attention problems by the age of seven."
3.a) amount b) signs c) Test d) earlier
4.a) began / between b) often / ac) on / is d) what she would do when she finishes her homework
Amphibian Decline Serves As Global Warning (S-05)
1.a) TRUE. "The discovery, reported in the journal" Science "... environmental disaster"
b) False. "Of these, 1.856 to 32 per cent ... are considered to be endangered"
3.a) comprehensive b) since c) drastic d) remarkable
4a) continues / will rise b) was created / protecting c) Cause / most important d) polluting / to
Skin Art (J-06)
1. a) FALSE. "The Romans considered decorative tattoing barbaric, ..., and used tattoos to mark slaves and criminals"
b) False. "Cook also introduced to the Español language the word tattoo, taken from the Tahitian."
3.a) mummies b) nearly c) deep d) fully
4.a) becoming / his b) What / ac) whose / it d) were link / is worn
South American wild cats find hope in test tube (S-06)
1.a) TRUE. "Since times immemorial ... form of modern statues"
b) False. "So far, the problem ... to poor Chances of Success"
3.a) Declined b) threat c) farming d) so far
4.a) to / must b) had / careleesly c) too / for d) the journalist asked researchers when they had begun their new wild cat project
Mobile phones in social life (J-07)
1.a) TRUE. "So many happy people talking away into their mobile phones"
b) TRUE .. "If you really have to either make ... the situation to the others at the outset."
3.a) perhaps b) outset c) apologize. d) come across
4) a) using / is applied b) have been / than c) who / from d) if / Whether there was a mobile phone in her bag.
Not without my dog! (S-07)
1.a) FALSE. "Mary Marcus of New York city ... which has a no-dog policy ..."
b) TRUE .. "Marcus can not understand ... and non-smoking rooms"
3.a) inappropriate b) vivacious c) trend d) Realizing
4a) so / them b) has admitted / do not like c) began / between d) leaving / on
Compulsive shopping (J-08)
1.a) FALSE. "Men are just as likely as women to suffer from compulsive buying."
b) TRUE. "" Doctors have concluded ... to try to complete themselves "
3.a) finding b) rocketed c) trends d) seeking
4.a) be experienced / with b) admitting / for c) should / than d) Yesterday the salesman told me not to pay him then.

Smart shoes (S-08)

1.a) FALSE. "The expression square-eyes ... are exposed to too much television"
b) TRUE .. "Some researchers believe the invention ... will allow clothes to monitor our health"
3.a) concerns b) expired c) device d) raise
4.a) easiest from b) which c) of / has Increased d) watching / tries / spent
Do you think you can recycle? (J-09)
1. true. the village to change ... incinerator
Despite some false oppositions .... 80% today
3. aim; lid; ages; sort
4. do not recycle, will have to Abadon; using, with, is made; which; must be recycled by color

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