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“Water” —> metaphor: basic need for survival; her mother was essential and surrounded her life
“Moon’s” —> a sacred image; symbol of her mother (gentle in nature, caring and motherly) 
“Sumirse” —-> her mother was there at the start of every new day
“The fishes red gill” —> a fish’s gill is vital for survival; in this way her morher was someone she always depended on
“The flame tree’s” —> gave her shelter and protection, also symbolises life and growth
“The crab’s leg/The fried plantain smell” —> her mother provided her with food and nourishment, creats a mood that is homely.

“Heart” y “spoken” —> personification (reserved/detached person)
“Tall tower” —> metaphor=life
“The tall tower” —> alliterstion on ‘t’ to exagerate the length of life
“Flowering cherry tree” -> represents spring (coming to life
“On his walking shoulder held” —> metaphor= showing that he is a man carrying all his problems
“Under the lion sun” —> representing summer or time for growth and develop
“Burning glass” —> shows that he cant longer see nor hear, everything is in his mind, memories.
“Boughs of heaven folding” represents autum
“Water spoke” and “heart was unfraid” —>personification essential for life

“Great” and “grate” —> homophone
“Grate” “swish” “crash” “rustle” —> onomatopeia, auditory vivid pictuture of trees

List of all parts of tree being destroyed: “branches” “trunks” “leaves” 

“Spring” —> imagery of spring/renewal (contrasts with the destruction of the trees)
“Fine grey rain” —> pathetic fallacy, reflects the mood
“Dead rat” —> is linked in her to the destruction of the trees
“Whispering loveliness” —> personification, beautiful image
“Struck” —> violent imagery
“Sun” and “rains” —> contrast
“Wind” “breeze” —> contrast
Quiet rain” —> pathetic fallacy, mood. The trees are dying slowly, painfully, lonely
“They were lying” —> personification, resting peacefully
“Angel” “hurt not the trees” —> reminds the reader of quote from ‘Revelation’ (religious inagery)

“Leaf” and “grief” —> contrasts the 2 distinct connotations of positivity and pessimism 
“Leaf” —> symbol of life (positive, hopeful connotation)
“Relax” and “spread” —> personification, trees=humans (compares their stage of youth to humans entering of a new stage in life)
“The recent buds relax and spread” —> sibilance (‘s’) evoke the sound of rustling tree leaves (life and youth) 
“Greenness” and “grief” —> alliteration (‘e’) associates a colour with and emotion (shifts the tone from optimism to pessimism)
“Born again” —> fresh renewal
“Born again” and “grow old” —> contrast between youth and age
“Trick” —> connotes superficial appereance 
“Yet still” —> implies a change of tone, from pessimistic to positive
“Unressting castles” —> metaphor: to create an image of masculine, firm trees like castle turrets
“Fullgrown thickness” —> image to suggest new tone of distant admiration towards the trees
“Seem to say” —> personification: alive with speech effect of aliveness and joviality
“Afresh, afresh, afresh” —> repetition and onomatopoeia: notion of continuity-signifying life= image of nature and hope imagery= symbolic of the trees continious unwaving life and renewal

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