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  • Have regular shape

  • Have cell wall, chloroplasts (most of the cells, but not all), a big vacuole

A. Cell Wall:

  • Made of cellulose

  • Only in plant cells

  • Helps to support and protect the cell

  • Fully permeable (even very large molecules are able to go through the cellulose cell wall)

B. Vacuole:

  • It is a space in a cell surrounded by a membrane and contain a solution of sugars and other substances called “cell sap”

  • Full vacuoles press outwards on the rest of the cell and help to keep it in shape

  • (animal cells contain much smaller vacuoles)

C. Chloroplasts:

  • Never found in animal cells

  • Present in Most of the plant cells

  • Contain “Chlorophyll” (absorbs energy from sunlight, and this energy is then used for making food for the plant by “Photosynthesis”

  • Often contain starch grains which have been made by Photosynthesis


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