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DICTADOThere are hundreds if citizen advice groups covering most of England an d Wales, all of which are independent registered charities. They all belong to the organization called ¨together network¨ wich provides valuable training and support to its members. While also co-ordinating important national quality work.


1B 2A 3C 4B 5A 6B 7A 8C 9A 10A

12.Toprotect /13.Wood/14.Gardening/15.Industrial revolution /16.Tourist souvenir

17-old cinema /18-18month /19-200,000      /20-the internet /21-250

22C 23A 24C 25C 26B 27A 28B 29B 30C 31A


33.Gasoline engine                

/34.It´s extreme flammability  

/35.Lifting strength

36-no negative effect on business

37-conversation and old fashioned newspaper and book reading

38-a reasonable turnover  of customers

39-a place to plug in their laptops

40.Refuelling points

41. 200miles 

42.Renewable energy sources/

43.Climate change 

44. 12months/

45. Locally/

46. New investors

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