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  1. PUNTO 3 nervous cordination is carrieed out by the nervous system Neurons are divided into three parts: the cell body, the dendrites and the axon.• The cell body contains the nucleus and other organelles.• Dendrites are short, branch-like projections.• The axon is a longer projection. It ends in a series of slender brancheswhich widen slightly at the tip and are called axon terminals.In general, axons are protected by a white substance called myelin.The axons of various neurons sometimes group together to formnerve ibres, and these in turn can group together to form nerves.
  2. PUNTO 3.2 Neurons are connected to each other. The place where one neuron connects to another is called a synapse. A nerve impulseis a current transmited by the neuron membrane in majority of synapses there is no physical contact
  3. PUNTO 3.3  the nervous system recevieves information procces and cordinates it The nervous system is made up of the centralnervous system or CNS, and the peripheral nervoussystem or PNS.
  4. PUNTO 3.4 it is made up by the encephalon and the spinal cord enchepalon brain cerebellum controls balance and voluntary movements brain stem The brainstem links the encephalon to the spinalcord and controls diverse involuntary functions. The spinal cord The spinal cord is a long, thin bundle of nerves protected by the spine, which links the encephalon to the rest of the body.It coordinates simple responses called reflex actions.
  5. PUNTO 3.5 the PNS conects the CNS to the organs nervevs are divided into motor and sensory nerves The somatic PNS consists of the sensory nerves and the motornerves. It controls voluntary movements. • The autonomic PNS consists of motor nerves which regulate theactivity of the internal organs. It controls involuntary movements.The sympathetic nervous system stimulates the body to react to stress,fear, etc. The parasympathetic nervous system causes the body torelax.
  6. PUNTO 4 the endocrine system regulates many actions of the body 
  7. PUNTO 4.1 The main glands which form the endocrine system and the hormones they release are shown in the illustration.

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