- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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Gary told Jane not to touch his new paintings.We're been being bitten by the insects for hours. For three years Steve and Jackie have been going out. He is still... Sally asked her boyfriend why had he waited for her awake at home when she came back late the day before. Jack's boss will give him new commands in 2 hours. If Paula had solved those maths problems, shewould have passed the test. A delicious apple jam has just been made by Samuel. I should had bought something to eat before shops were closed so now we wouldn't be very hungry now//If I had bought something to eat before shops were closed we wouldn't be very hungry now. Fanny has seen going out with Stuart After hes best friend, Rachel, had told her not to do that. You needn't wear a tie here. In 2012 Clark started to collect butterflies. She thinks I used to love her because of my usual... Advise You should buy some books to improve your culture. Deduct He must have written this test so quickly. Hipoth My future wife might be clever. Regret I should have bought that cute magnet// If I had bought that magnet I would be happy now. Intention Someone wants to buy me a car. Arrange Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema with someo.

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