- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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Después de preposición, cuando es sujeto, después de Estas expresiones (have difficulty, problems, there´s not, it´s no good, use, It´s not worth), con preposiciones y adverbios (be used to, accustomed to, get Used to, feel like, want, give up, keep on, look forward to, object to, put Off), like, love, hate, enjoy, miss, feel, mind, finish, risk, stop, practise, Put off, suggest, can´t help, fancy, admit, deny, give up, imagine, keep (on), Spent time, can´t stand, delay, regret, avoid, consider, involve, go on, can´t Avoid, can´t bear, dislike, dread, recommend, resist, postpone, reported, Understand, advise, discuss, anticipate, require, resist, defend, permit, urge, Complete, feel like.


Después de adjetivos, despues del verbo to be, to give Orders, después de sustantivos (ability, attempt, capacity, chance, decision, Desire, wish, effort, failure, intention, need, opportunity, permission, plan, Refusal, time), wold like, want, need, decide, hope, arrange, expect, plan, Forget, seem, appear, promise, offer, refuse, learn, manage, afford, agree, Fail, tend, happen, mean, prepare, pretend, threaten, attempt, help, how to, Learn, ought to, used to, would like, would prefer, can, could, had better, Help, may, might, must, needn´t, shall, should, will, would, would rather, Intend, hesitate, happen, wait, deserved.

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