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Hi Sandra! How´s it going? I´m sorry I haven´t been in touch fr such a long time! I hope everything´s going well.

the reason why I´m writting is to let you konw that I´m extremly happy. I´m reaching my dream of having a career as a teacher.

I know that is was unbelievable when I ended up in Leon. Now I´m trying to finish my last year at the university.

At the beganin I was worried abaut the English lessons, do you remember going with me to class? I used to be always absent-mined. 

I was speaking Spanish all the class. Nowadays I´m confident enough to speak English during the lessons, it´s a piece of cake!

the subjects that I have are amusing. I´d looked for information before I began the degree, but I didn´t think that it was going to be interesting. If you hadn´t told me abaut the positive things of being a teacher, I wouldn´t have a discover that it´s my passion. I remember when you advised me that I was going to love it.

the wors part of this year is that we have online classes due to the pandemic situation, but I think things will get better nex year.

lost of love, Paula.

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