- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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I have been thinking about this for two months.We ate in the bus, it was very funny.They drank all the night.I sent you an e-mail, did you see it?He was too young when he began his career.I took the bus and went to the cinema.Brazil won five world cups, it’s incredible!I haven’t gone to church since your wedding.We swam in the gym of your school.I read four books during my holidays.I spoke in Harvard, I won’t be scare here.I saw your mother in the bus, was she?She went to the cinema last night.I told him all about his wife.Have you ever sat to see the sky?He has never paid a ticket in the cinema.We ate a lot in the party.I haven’t slept good since we watched that movie.You chose this situacion when you got in love.Aparently, this woman wrote that novel when she was sixteen years old.

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