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What happened in February 1917? What measures did the new government take? Who opposed that? Why?

Was a large demonstration in Petrograd, followed by a general strike and several riots in the Barraks. The tsar abdicated and a republic was proclaimed. The soviets opposed to the war because they want to withdraw from the war.
What are the April theses? Who proposed them?
Ideas published by Lenin to establish a government of workers and peasants. He want to establish a treaty peace.
What happened in October 1917? Who seized the power? What were the first measures? What happened in November 1917? On 25 October 1917, the Bolsheviks, supported by the Soviets and their armed militia, the Red Guards occupied Petrograd, took the Winter Palace and overthrew the provisional government. Immediately, a workers’ government was proclaimed. It was led by Lenin, who enacted the first revolutionary measures: land was expropriated and distributed among the peasants; workers were given control of factories, and the signature of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (1918) with Germany, by which Russia withdrew from the war, suffering great territorial losses.

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