"death in the freezer"

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Chapter 7

Winston awoke. He had been dreaming Of his mother again. He told Julia about the dream and explained many details Of the part of his childhood that he remembered. The moment he awoke was the First time he knew that he didn't murder his mother. He had believed that he Indirectly was responsible for her death until just then. He remembered war and Chaos, rubble in the streets, and always being hungry. When his father had Disappeared, his mother didn't show any outward emotion but her demeanor changed. He remembered that she became spiritless. She moved through the motions of life And duties of child rearing quietly and mechanically. He recalled how selfish He was in his youth, how he actually stole food from his baby sister because His hunger was so overwhelming and continuous. This conversation turned into a Discussion...

Chapter 8

Winston and Julia finally get up the Nerve to go to O'Brien's' house. They get to see first hand the luxuries of Members of the Inner Party: clean accommodations, real coffee, a servant and Even permission to shut off the telescreen for short periods. O'Brien gets Right down to business, explaining as much of the details of the Brotherhood as Possible. The guests were surprised to find out that even the servant was a member Of the secret anti-government coalition. O'Brien outlines the requirements of Membership: they must be willing to steal, betray, be involved in things that Could cause the death of thousands of innocent people, and anything else that Is deemed necessary to the movement. They eagerly agreed to everything except Separation from each other. He explained they way in which Winston would Receive a copy of Goldstein's' book...

Chapter 9

Everyone at the Ministry of Truth Has been working almost nonstop for the past five days. Winston, overwhelmed With fatigue, is on his way to the rented room to rest, the rush of work Finally over. In his hand is a briefcase containing Goldstein’s book, which he Hasn’t had a chance to open since receiving it six days ago, on the sixth day Of Hate Week. On the night of that sixth day, just as Londoners’ hatred of Eurasia was approaching a climax spurred on by parades, songs, films, Decorations, displays of Oceania’s military power, and the promise of a public Hanging of two thousand Eurasian war criminals, an announcement was made that Oceania was not at war with Eurasia but with Eastasia. Winston was at a Demonstration that night, listening to a grotesque-looking Inner Party orator Deliver a furious anti-Eurasian speech that stirred the crowd of thousands to a Wild, hate-filled roar. Then a messenger handed the orator a slip of paper. He Continued his speech without a pause, but now he condemned Eastasia instead of Eurasia. The crowd, accepting this immediately, assumed the anti-Eurasian Posters and banners everywhere were the result of acts of sabotage by agents of Goldstein and ripped them from the walls. Meanwhile the orator continued his Speech. After a few minutes, the crowd returned to yelling in rage, only this Time at a different target. Winston is impressed, looking back, by how the Orator shifted so seamlessly into directing his speech at Eastasia. At the Time, however, he was distracted by a man handing him a briefcase, just as O’Brien had promised, and by the vast amount of work he knew he would have to Begin.

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