Daniela García hit by a train

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hire  a guide

stay in a hotel
book a flight
catch a train
get a passport
pack a suitcase

my sister gets angry
i get very thirsty
My brother always gets up
i have get ready
i look... I get there
my aunt gets lost

1.have burnt
2.have ridden
3. hasfallen
4. have slept
5. have drunk
6.has scared
7. have played
8.has bitten
9.has driven
10.has broken
11. have cheated
12.has rained
13. have cleanes
14.has yelled
15.have written
16.have laughed
17.have wasted
18.have made
19.have read
20.has  cooked

Emma neclace
the drawing
i love seashell
my grandma toy car
my mom baby tooth

Lucky fortunate
lifeguards expert swimmers
rise the alarm to call for help
exhausted very tired
replay to play something
store to keep, save
wires long
dot a point
vast very large
remarkable extraordinary, special

was playing
wasn't fishing in the ocean
was sitting
wasn't reading
were celebrating
wasn't drinking
were eating
was watching
weren't working
was teaching
wasn't shining in the morning
were doing 
was blowing
were writing
were dancing in the scohol
was wather for 

1. Didn't see                 
was looking 
2. Meet 
was going
were having
were waiting
3. Was cycling
was going
didn't hit 

neurons electricity
memories hippocampus
nerve Cells
the memories cerebal

stand in line
be good at
get an autograph 
dress up as characters
be a fan of 
wear team colors
collect action figures
put on face paint
wear a hat
put up posters


hot enough
enough fod
too dark
too wet
too many

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