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LADDY RUSSELL - Anne´s friend and mentor, Lady Russell served as a maternal figure after her best friend Lady Elliot, Anne’s real mother, passed away. Lady Russell is a good-hearted and sensible woman, though she possesses her own prejudices in favor of the aristocratic class that she herself comes from. She advises Anne to break off her engagement with Captain Wentworth, who she believes is below Anne. //////////////////// She is a very strict and severe woman, and she has a delicate sense of honor. As an honest and sensible person, her behavior is correct. She is an affable woman, charitable and kind, capable of the most solid adhesions and deserving for her manners to be considered as an archetype of good upbringing. She is cultured, reasonable and measured. Regarding the lineage, she harbored certain prejudices and gave the rank and the social concept a meaning that even ignored the weaknesses of those who enjoyed such privileges.

MARY MUSGROVE - Mary Musgrove is the youngest daughter of Sir Walter Elliot. She married Charles Musgrove. Mary is just as snobby as her sister Elizabeth and her father Sir Walter, but she has fewer opportunities to show her snobbery in public. While Sir Walter has people around him who quite understand what it means to be connected to the Dalrymples, Mary is a lone voice of elitism among the Musgroves.

Mary sees herself as extra-special because of her father’s rank, and thinks she should be treated like the special snowflake she believes she is. So, when the others treat her like everyone else, she feels like they’re treating her worse than she deserves. The only one who can distract her out of her oversensitivity is Anne, suggesting that Anne can be just as persuasive as Lady Russell when she puts her mind to it.

CONCLUSION - To sum up, it is clear that Jane Austen's Persuasion cannot be other than a love story which can also be interesting for nowadays´readers, because it talks about feelings and because all characters still remain alive today. Moreover, Austen emphasizes the detachment and autonomy of the individual as a centre of sel-responsible moral judgement, becoming Persuasion a Romantic novel because of its historical and social background based on the sense of liberty and the idea of “We”.

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