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SEARCH ENGINE 3 FUNCTIONS: CRAWLING (The process by which the google robot discovers new and updated pages and adds them to the google index. This robots or spiders achieve this by performing an algorithmic scan to determine which page to track. Then the robots use tracking links to interconnect the content of the network.) INDEXING (Once a doc is located and stored in a database, so it can be consulted by the user. SE have large data centres and the google robot processes all the pages and information) PUBLISH (The goal os SE is to give an answer almost immediately, to the search of the user. This response is based in two criteria: Relevance, to show the best content, the relevance is determined in a very complex way through more than 200 factor of which the main one is the PageR. Popularity, Shows the result of the most important sites, assuming they are popular because they offer the most valuable info)

SE 4 RANKING FACTOR: Content: Understood by content not only the use of Individual and isolated keywords in short text formats, but the writing of Detailed and simple content on the subject sought. It will be fundamental therefore That the content is comprehensive and of interest to the users. Linkbuilding: If your content is read and linked by other Websites that means that it is interesting and interpreted by Google. And if in Addition that other web is in turn relevant, much better. Mobile versions: Given the evolution of Internet consumption By users, mobile versions of websites are indexed as a priority to desktop Versions. For this reason, it will be essential to have a good optimization for These devices with designs adapted to each screen. Speed: The download time, depending on whether it is Computer or mobile version, should not be greater than 3 or 2 seconds Respectively.

Search Engines: Guidelines for correct indexing and classification Design: Design pages thinking about your users, not The search engine. Cloaking Prevents: "cloaking", ie displaying Web content to search engines other than the one shown to users. Hierarchy: Follows a clear hierarchy of content and text Links that are easy to follow. Accuracy: Create accurate content about your page and Make sure your title and ALT attributes are descriptive and accurate. Keywords and Duplicates: Use keywords to build your URLs and Avoid page duplication. Differentiation: Develop your website to be unique and add Value to the rest of your competitors.

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