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1-> 1,exhaust fumes. 2,regret. 3,trial. 4,litter. 5,avoid. 6,overcrowed. 7,wiped out. 8,wildlife. 2->complete de passage 1,renewable energy. 2,use up. 3,global warming. 4,dispose of. 5,exploits. 6,source. 7,disapprove. 8,water shortage. 3->sustituir 1,encouraged. 2,smog. 3,fluent. 4,damaged. 5,valuable. 6,offence. 7,charged. 8,network. 9,guilty. 4->remplace 1,talk back. 2,keep in mind. 3,cut back on. 4,talk it over. 5,get by. 6,come down on. 7,keep at it. 8,put on...grammar--> 1->conditionals 1: hadn't reminded, would have forgotten. 2: were, wouldn't say. 3: would have called, had remembered. 4: rains, will take place. 2->suitable verb 1: had studied. 2: had known. 3: didn't share. 4: had listened. 5: could go. 3->complete no change 1: we had had more time. 2: the dog would stop barking. 3: were good, we would.. 4: can talk on. 5: you arrive on the first day of the sale, you won't get the best selection. 1->verb brakets 1: wouldn't have forgotten, had written down 2: isn't, will call 3: had been standing, were allowed 4: not to eat, had been left 5: would..Have done, had seen 2->rewritte 1: i wish we had spoken to him. 2: fiona promised that she wouldn't tell dave anything. 3: you won't arrive on time if you don't leave work early. 4: if only i had apologised to them. 3->correct form 1: has been produced. 2: is compared. 3: had chosen. 4: wanted. 5: has caused. 6: made. 7: would have been. 8: weren't. 9: have achieved

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