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Reading circle: when a teacher reads to YOUNG LEARNINGS and they sit in a circle to listen Reading for gist: when we read to get the general ideas Reading for specific information: when We read to understand only the particular details which interest us Recorded audio: Any listening text Which is played through a machine Reformulation: When students says something which has a mistake, and we say it again correctly, But dont ask the students to repeat it  Research: looking for information; Trying to discover new things Retrieval And use: students try to have to find the lenguage they have learnt and Then use it Roleplay: we get students To imagine they are in particular situations and we give them different roles To play

Scanning: when we quickly read or listen for Specific information Sentence reordering: Students have to put words in correct sequences to make more sentences of their Own Sentence transformation: when we Ask students to make a new SENTENCE using a Word or words we give them so that The new sentence mans exactly the same as the old one Silent way:the teacher says As Little as posible and students rely on each other Simulations: When we ask students to imagine that they are in different real-life situatios – sometimes playing a roll Skimming: When we look quickly through a text for GIST rather tan Reading it for detail Stimulus-response-reinforcement: The stages which are used to condition people so that they always behave in the Same way Story reconstruction: different Students are given different parts of a story, often shown in pictures, and They have to work out what the story is by talking to each other

Top-down processing: trying to understand the general Meaning of a text before looking at the details of language Total physical response (TPR): methodology Where students learn by performing actions Transfer Information:  take information from a Text and put in in a DIAGRAM or some other form True/false : when students are asked tos ay whether something is True or false Wiki: computer program Which allows everyone to add to and change the content.

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