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1 Complete the sentences with the words and phrases Below. There are more words than you need.1. It takes a lot of … to say what You really feel.  1. Courage 5. Ridiculous 2. Wiped out 6. Discovery 3. Cheated 7. Brand new 4. Fur 8. Expected  2 Choose the correct answer. Then write A second sentence that logically follows the first one. 1. Ellen decided to ...... Her last lesson. A. Drop out b. Skip 1. B – She wasn’t feeling Well. 2. A – She thought he’d be great. 3. A – After that you can drop out if You want. 4. B – I want to send them an e-mail. 5. B – It was very interesting.  3 Match the verbs in A to a noun or phrase in B. A B 1. Make up ...... A. The students to excel 3 1. F 2. A 3. E 4. B 5. C 6. G 7. D 4 Complete the sentences with a suitable Phrase that you formed in Exercise 3. Make any necessary changes. 1. Don’t let Them tell you what to do. You should … 4 1. Stand up for your rights 2. Cheated in an exam 3. Revise your notes before the test 4. make up a crazy Story 5. Achieve your goal  5 Complete the sentences with the correct form of used to, be used to or get used To. 1. Ian has lived in Scotland his whole life, so he … the cold, rainy Weather. 1. Is used to 4. Didn’t use to 2. Used to 5. Will get used to 3. Get used to  6 Write a second Sentence that logically follows the first one. Pay attention to the words in Bold. 1. There’s no trace of the backpacker. 1. He’s been missing for Days. 2. You have rights. 3. He was busy playing on his phone. 4. Now I’m much More outgoing. 5. Follow the rules. 6. There was much less crime then. 7. He’s Done it since he was a young boy. 1 Complete the second sentence in each Pair with the correct form of the verb in reported speech. 1. “The shop will Close at 5.00,” the saleswoman said. The saleswoman said that the shop … at 5.00. 1. Would close 4. To take 2. Go 5. Hadn’t had 3. Needed 6. Were Taking 2 Rewrite the sentences in reported speech. Make any necessary Changes. 1. “Our team won the football game,” Peter said. Peter said that 1. Their team had won the football game 2. He / she was running for the student Council 3. To run around the track three times 4. She had already seen the film 5. We have a New Year’s Eve party 

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