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The death of socrates 
In 399 B.C. Having been accused by the Athenian government and of corrupting young people with his teaching. Socrates was tried and offered the choice of renouncing his beliefs and died willingly drinking the cup of poisonous hemlock.  According to Plato in his workcrito socrates ​ last words were ​ crito, we owe a cock to asclepius. Asclepius​ was the god of health and the sacrifice of a cok was offering from illness. Crito​ is a dialogue(based on the death of Socrates)  written by the ancient greek and Plato in 360 BC. The only characters are Socrates and Crito  and it centers around the moral consequences of helping Socrates escape from prison 
Is the first author in History of western philosophy, writing a wide wok conserved until today. The features of Plato’s works are written as dialogs where the main character is always his beloved teacher Socrates. Socrates is used by Plato as his spokesperson Plato is one of the greatest classical greek philosophers he lived from 427 BC to 348 BC. Plato created the first university (The Academy) Plato was a student of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle. Plato talk about many ideas in philosophy that are still talked today. Plato opposed the rhetorics of sophisms and isistes on true justice and equality in his work Georgias ​ , ​ and on immortality if soul in ​phaedo ​ (Fedón) One of Plato’s most famous works is ​The Republic. ​ Describes Socrates vision of an ideal state. The method of questioning. In this dialogue, Socratic method, is as important as the content. ​The Republics ​ contains ideas os Socrates (Socrates said it, Plato wrote it) The laws is Plato’s longest dialogue and probably his last one. 

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