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(Causes of war:) ·France wanted to recover the  region of Alsace-Loraine,-Astro-Hungarian Empire occupied and then annexed Bosia-Herzegovina. This led to natiotalist protests on part of Serbians living in Bosnia. It also angered Rusia(Servian´s traditional ally),-Industrialised European countries expanded their empires and competed for the control of colonies(espacially in north africa),- Britain and Germany became part of a naval arms race, in wich both countries built a range of powerful new battleships know as dreadnoughts./The Triple Alliance: German empire, Astro-Hungarian empire and Italy,-The Triple Entente: Great Britain, France and Russian empire/(Panticipants in war:) The Central Powers:Astro-Hungarian empire was supported by German empire,Ottoman empire and Bulgaria,also Italy but joined the triple alliance but in 1915 Italy joined allied powers, in order to adquire territoy bolonged to Astro-Hungarian empire,-The Allied Powers: Serbia was supported by Russian empire, France and Great Britain, later joined by Japan,Romania, US, Grecce and Portugal./(Phases of war:) Initial German Offensives 1914: the german empire made several rapid offensives,invading Belgium which was neutral at first, as well as the north of france,-The War And New Allies 1915-17: in 1915 the western front between Germany and the allies stabilised and the period of trench warfare began.In 1917 the US entered in the war in support of the allies.-Allies Victories And The Armistice 1918:Rssia withrew from the war, but the allies achived numerous victories both in east and west,after a political revolution took place in Germany./(The War Economy:) In countries that were at war, most economic activity was directed toward the military effort. Industry concentrated on producing supplies and equipment for the armed forces, includng food,uniforms and weapons.At the same time, the production of consumer goods decreased.As a result there were shortages of some products and prices increased.In response to this problem,goverments introduced rationating system to distribute food and other basic items./(Social Effects Of The War:) During the war, men was recruited or conscripted into the armed forces.As soldiers went to war, women had to replace them in many areas of economic activity,for examples, in offices and factories. After the war some women wants to continue working, but they werent enough work for everyone.The suffragette movement campaigned for womens suffrage.In some countries women won the rigth to vote soon after the end of the war./(The plan didnt work for 3 reasons): -Belgium refused to let the german rmy through to attack France,so germany had to enter belgium by force.-Britain had signed a treaty with Belgium in 1839 to protect it as a neutral country, when germany refused to withdraw from belgium, britain declared war.-Russia was ready for war quircker than Germans had expected. Many valuable german troops had to march East to face them of pusing on into France./(Women Started Doing Mens Jobs): Many of the original volunteers came from hesvy industries like coal mining. There was a shortage of workers in these industries and without them Britain couldnt supply the army. When conscription started there were even fewer men available to do the vital jobs. Women started taking their places in the pits and the factories.

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