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    -3.3.4. Developing a positioning statement

   Company and brand positioning should be summed up in a Positioning statement- a statement that summarizes company or brand positioning Using this form: “ To … (Target segment and need)… our … (Brand)… is… (Concept)… that… (Point the difference).” (E.G.: To busy multitaskers who need Help remembering things, Evernote is a digital content management application That makes it easy to capture and remember moments and ideas from your everyday Using your computer or tablet)

      3.3.5. Communicating and delivering the chosen position

      Once it has chosen a position, the company must take Strong steps to deliver and communicate the desired position to its target Consumers. All the company´s marketing mix efforts must support the positioning Strategy. It must turn into a concrete action, not just talk.

Companies often find it easier to come up with A good position strategy than to implement it, once a company has built the Desired position, it must take care to maintain the position through consistent Performance and communication. It must closely monitor and adapt the position Over time to match changes in consumer needs and competitors´ strategies. Nevertheless, it should avoid abrupt changes that might confuse consumers. A Product´s position should evolve gradually as it adapts to the ever changing Marketing environment.

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