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Q9) What are the development goals that India needs to achieve?

 Answer India is a fast developing country that Is predicted to soon join the league of developed nations. However, there are Still many goals that need to be achieved before India can be called a Developed nation. The first goal is of achieving hundred-percent literacy. India’s population is largely illiterate. Although literacy levels are rising, The momentum is very slow. The alleviation of poverty is another important Goal. The government has launched various schemes such as the Public Distribution System and Antodaya Anna Yojna etc. In this regard. However, One-fourth of Indian population still lives below the poverty line. Unemployment is a direct cause of poverty. India needs to provide employment to Millions of its unemployed youth. Improvement in health and hygiene is another Major challenge that India needs to tackle. Most Indian villages do not even Have the basic health facilities. This results in high death rates and infant And maternal mortality rates Q10) What steps can be taken for achieving total Literacy in India?

Answer The Indian education scenario is very grim. The overall literacy rate of India Is only about 65% with female literacy rate being only 54%. Even in the Twenty-first century, one-third of Indian population is illiterate. The Government has started many literacy programs such as Total Literacy Campaign And Mid-Day Meal Scheme in order to promote literacy. However, these programs Must be implemented will full vigour. People, especially rural people who form A large portion of illiterates in the country, must be made aware of the Benefits of education. Women’s literacy must be promoted and people must be Encouraged to send their daughters to school just like their sons. Government Schools must be opened in each village and town. These schools must be equipped With the necessary infrastructure and good teachers who are willing to educate

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