Concept of education

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Allegory Of the cave:

    It Shows what true education is, in terms of human nature. The first part, when The slaves are all bound in a way that they can only see shadows in front of Them, refers to imagination and imitation of visible things. Next in the allegory, One of the slaves mysteriously breaks free, turns around, and feels pain as he Looks straight into a fire, which interacts with artificial objects that Generate the shadows representing opinion and visible things (senses, culture, and Judgementalism). After, the slave is dragged out of the cave and experiences Even more pain because of the sunlight. Outside, he sees the real things that The fake objects from the cave were based of. These represent necessary truths (math, geometry, music etc.) and rationality. Finally, the slave looks into the Sky and sees the stars, the sun, and the moon. These represent intellection and Forms of goodness itself. The sun represents the highest form of goodness

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