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Totalitarian parties had full political power and control over every people.In countries where they rose to power they implemented:

·Political system: power in the hands of the state, one charismatic leader with a blind obedience. Only one party and there was no political pluralism

·Economic and social control:the state directed the economy, declared it self anti-capitalist and anti-communist.Society controlled through propaganda, censorship of media and education 

·Rejection of equality: Members of the party were superior, men superior to woman, certain races superior to others.

·Irrational thinking: they defended fanaticism and blind obedience, and used symbols, emblems, songs and uniforms to unify their followers.

·Ultra-nationalism: they exalted the greatness of the nation

·Militarism: they defended a strong military and war instruments of power, prestige and progress for their people.

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