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a-been learning



a-been waiting


a-be ended

a-s had

Present perfect simple: have+participio

Present perfect continous:have +been verb ing

shouldnt:no deberias


ought to:deberias,pero corresponde a un consejo

1)this job=i think i ought to apply for it

2)you were really rude with mr brow=you  should say you re sorry

3)its a secret ok=you d better not tell anyone

4)mary had another accident=she shouldnt drive so fast

5)i dont know if i can go out tonight=id better ask my parents first

6)she always stressed out=she ought not to worry so much

7)its my first day at work tomorrow=i d better not be late


2)management:company ceo

3)health and care:nurse

4)it and media:designer


6)public service:police officer

7)legal and finance:solicito

1)teacher or lecturer:education

2)banker or investment:finance

3)nurse or doctor:health and care

4)musician or actor:entertaiment

5)lawyer or judge:legal

1)My brothers been =unemployed

2)i ve=applied

3)i ve got a=part time

4)my dad=resigned

5)there are only five=employees

6)i havent been working here long.I only a =trainee

7)kate didnt get the job because shi didnt have right=qualifications

8)hes getting a much better=salary

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